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A day in the Small Bowel Vol. II

Mag 11 2018 - Mag 11 2018

Board Scientifico: L. Elli, R. Penagini, M. Pennazio, E. Rondonotti, M. Vecchi

Wired and wireless enteroscopy is probably the greatest endoscopic innovation over the last years. Enteroscopy has radically changed the diagnostic and therapeutic approach to the pathologies of the small bowel and, nowadays, represents an essential step in the management of mid gut bleeding. More recently, enteroscopy has found a place in the management of inflammatory bowel diseases, celiac disease and in gastrointestinal oncology. The relatively recent introduction of this technology and subsequent amount of ongoing researches make necessary for the professionals working in the field a frequent update of their skills and knowledge.
The aim of the proposed congress is to provide a series of lectures made by renowned experts addressing the most relevant topics in enteroscopy to improve indications and management of patients undergoing wired and wireless enteroscopy.